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I love to run! I am a beginner runner attempting my first full marathon in December. I'll sprinkle in a few half marathons and other shorter races in before then! My blog is about the adventures of discovering long distance running, the cool gear and gadgets I come across they way, the way I like... Full Bio
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Please participate in my research project

Dear Bloggers, I am on my final leg of my graduate studies journey. In one month, I should hopefully be graduating! I am reaching out to the...

Race Report: Big Rock Olympic Distance Triathlon

Good morning! Another Monday again... someone please explain again to me why weekends aren't three days long..... ;) Well, I finished my...

Big Rock This Weekend

ahhhh! It's happening! My first Olympic Distance Triathlon is this weekend! Time to Google where the race actually IS, I guess! haha, I don't...

My baby is growing up!

wooooahhhhhzzzz It's April already? When did that happen? :) I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post?! sheesh. (bop myself on...


Did you know it's Pi Day today? It's March 14, 3-14, you know, like 3.14... Kinda strange random tid bit of the day. In preparation for the Big...

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