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Lake Elsinore, California
I am 55 years old, used to be active, but now with DDD I am not as active as I would like to be.  I found out 3 weeks ago I needed my gallbladder removed, and then I found out that I have diverticulosis.  Gallbladder removed last Monday, diverticulosis confirmed in the hospital as well.  I am scheduled for 2 more surgeries.  I have a peek cage and bone grafts in my neck at C5,6 and 7.  That has taken a lot of the headaches away and has made things safe for me in... Full Bio
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I recently had a newly diagnosed problem with my gallbladder.  It was removed Last Monday.  I was also diagnosed with diverticulosis at the...

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I am soooooooooo similar to you - had my gallbladder removed years ago, and have same bone graft in my neck in th same area and I've also had two lumber surgeries with a sin cage. I'm sure we have so much in common.


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