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Judith L. Patient Expert

San Luis Obispo, California
I am a mother of two, grandmother of one (and foster-grandmother of another!), who has had arthritis since my 30s or earlier. For several years I worked on ways to minimize the pain and increase my mobility, by exercise and diet particularly.  I know that I contributed to my own disability... Full Bio
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California 91011
I currently live in SoCal and am trying to lose some weight that I regained after going back to school and injuring my back.  Prior to these hurting my back, I was an avid exerciser and health nut but bed rest and lack of exercise took their toll on me.  Following down that path also came poor eating habits and the weight gain soon followed.  Not long thereafter in an unrelated...


California 91214
Hey, I'm Donna and I live in So Cal.  I'm bi-vocational. I work as a Wellness Nurse RN- teaching health and nutrition and I work as a photographer.  I have always been a health advocate and very active- participating in hiking, mountain biking etc.  Since I was diagnosed with Sero Negative Arthritis I became a Vegan and practice Yoga twice a day.  Not only has it helped the...