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I've been living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for most of my adult life although I didn't know it. It really took a hold six years ago when I was working in a stressful job and a number of big life events happened in a short space of time. I crashed big style. It took another... Full Bio
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Unravelling contd.

Thanks all for your supportive comments. It really helped to blog it out. My fears about the psychiatrist not understanding were completely...


Haven't blogged in a while and that's because I've been a bit better. When I'm feeling better I do more and am away from the computer more. It's...

Recovering and Volunteering

I continue to recover from the benefits debacle and am approaching something like my old baseline. Still haven't had any money yet but I rang the...


It's being quite a long crawl out of the CFS black hole the tribunal dug for me. I've had a couple of massive 'wobblies', been rather awful to...

Good news

It's good news! The tribunal set aside the decision made by ATOS and awarded me 21 points over the one point I received at the previous...

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Sep 01 2009 by SueD
Hi Jozephine - can recommend help book by Fibromyalgia Coach in UK, check out her website - kind regards Sue Daniels
Jun 24 2009 by Viv

Hello Jozephine,

I hope and pray you have a fatigue free day, I know what you are experiencing.  It takes a strong person to deal with this syndrome.






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