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Magnetic polus australias - calling it off

This is energy or rather lack of it, instability of ideas, dislocated, alternating moods from passion to rage. Certainly not grounded, easily...

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As it is soon to be Halloween (all soul's even) I thought we could have some fun. Apologies to those who do not celebrate this occasion. ...

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would have to be Hyoscyamus, don't you think? thanks to the kuleshov group


My father loved to write poems and verse and often delved into one of my materia medicas for inspiration. The results didn't always have anything to...

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What remedy would you think reflects the meaning of this image? I was thinking about Promethium. Joy

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baobab wrote on joy lucas's Whiteboard. Apr 20 2010
joy lucas's Whiteboard
Apr 20 2010 by baobab
joy- you post from 2008 about UVa Ursi. -are you saying its a good treatment for those symptoms ? if so in what form and what dosage ?
Apr 09 2009 by Im10eight
I hear loud ringing in ears and now a noise that sounds like a car motor running just outside my house. The ringing I attribute to shooting a gun when ear protection fell off. The low rumbling started at the same time headaches began about 6 weeks ago. I went to hearing doctor they put me on anti-biotics and cortisteroid thinking it may be sinus. That did nothing but cause my tongue to burn.  I am having a brain MRI on Saturday. The low noise is driving me insane. My doctor said just take deep breaths. yeah, like that will shut out the noise. It really sounds like a car. I assure you ity is not. And I hear it whether or not I am home, so I know it is not some anomally of low frequency from a nearby freeway or factory. No one else hears it. Any ideas?


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