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Jovanka Ciares is a Holistic Health And Wellness Coach helping people live healthy, happy and beautiful lives and feel great again. In her books, speaking engagements and blog, Jovanka advises her audience how to adopt a healthier, more conscious way of life, primarily through diet, exercise and... Full Bio
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Natural Remedies For Dry Cough

Last January I caught a mini cold, which was promptly healed with my trusted green juices, an alkalizing plant based diet and lots of self-TLC....

How To Do Oil Pulling

Welcome to video #4 of the detox diaries. On this video I want to focus on a single, simple yet powerful detoxifying technique that’s all the...

Herbs That Help You Detox

Welcome to video #3 of the detox diaries. Apart from doing food-based detoxes a couple of times per year, detox herbs taken regularly can help...

Snacks The Help You Detox

Welcome to video #2 of the detox diaries.On video #1 we talked about snacks that add to your toxic overload. On this video, I’ll give you 6...

I Healed After Years Of Pain And Stiffness With This AMAZING Product!

I’m an avid yogi and crazy about salsa dancing. Years ago I push my body too far on an advanced yoga class and hurt some of the tendons in my...
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