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Corvallis, Oregon
I am one person living in love with a spouse who lives the challenging seasons of bipolar. When it?s good, it?s really good. When it is time for the uphill climb? it is a sink or swim proposition. After a decade with my spouse, I still have to occasionally remind myself that I CAN indeed swim! On... Full Bio
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Weed Makes Mental Illness Worse?

I have previously posted on the topics of marijuana and mental illness. I have “made a case” (in a limited sense) or at the very least...

Bipolar new year’s resolutions

I am not really a fan of making new year’s resolutions — let me just get that out of the way from the start. Having said that? Well, I...

Winter Wellness Wishes

Whether your Christmas and Holidays feel like this… Or end up feeling more like this… I want to wish you all peace,...

Pinholes of light

Last night at our home there were brief — but bright — pinholes of light. What does that mean? Well, in this context it means that my spouse...

Valuable Holiday Reminders

I did not write these, however they are so excellent that I feel compelled to share them here as well — with a huge debt of gratitude.  These...
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