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I am an above knee amputee caused by osteosarcoma 36 years ago in 1973. Three years later the cancer metastasized and 2/5 of my lungs had to be removed. A course of chemotherapy -- only just out in clinical use in 1976 -- is probably why I am still here today. I went on to get a PhD in computer... Full Bio
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May 13 2010 by DANIELD

Let's dump TSA's screening for domestic flights at DIA -for Amps, and seniors..... civil and ADA must override these rules... ???

May 13 2010 by DANIELD
 HI,  My name is Dan - double bka for 20 yrs, fly out of dia very couple of months, many run-ins with tsa and it's lack of any reasonable treatment of amps ... let's file a civil rights action and get ADA to over ride tsa's rules.....