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Santa Monica, California
i write about all the facets of yoga life in los angeles: the studios, the teachers, the events, and everything else that continues to make LA the yoga capital that it is!
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prayers for love and gratitude to water

if you're on facebook (and who isn't these days?), you've probably received an invite for a global event that will be held today at noon. yes,...

make your yoga practice count!

many of us here in los angeles are blessed with what may seem to most as the perfect life. we wake up, still snuggled in our warm bed, go about...

it's mesheeky monday!!

i spend most of my days -- as well as some of my nights -- in yoga pants. they work perfectly for what i need to do, be it riding my bike to...

let the shivaratri celebration begin!

all over the world, the coming new moon will usher in shivaratri, the great night of shiva. for those who are unfamiliar with this annual...

wild and wacky weather

it started out as just another insanely-planned day for me. the night before, i had spent a rockingly sweaty evening at exhale in venice with...
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