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I am a person with a mild autism spectrum disorder and fine motor coordination problem. I blog about current happenings in autism and also exposing all the problems and propaganda with the neurodiversity movement which is against curing autistic persons or preventing persons from becoming autistic
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Will Neurodiversity provide the #mssng link?

Several months ago it was announced that Autism Speaks had partnered with Google to sequence of the genomes of 10,000 persons on the autism...

What does current supreme court free speech case bode for and its members

There's a story in the news that's been gaining some traction as of late that has piqued my interest.  It is about an individual named Anthony...

certain autism advocates cavalier attitude about Seinfeld's self-diagnosis

I suppose the story about Seinfeld stating that he believes he's someplace on the autism spectrum isn't going to die down anytime soon (at least...

Seinfeld on the autism spectrum?

Renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld has apparently recently decided that's he's somewhere on the autism spectrum.  The reason is that he does not...

Gadfly boos congressional letter and neurodiversity's and ASAN's dishonest talking points

With Halloween right around the corner, we see that neurodiversity and the autistic self advocacy network is still up to its dirty tricks without...
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