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100 Days Without Gluten: Day #39 - Another Perfect Date... Ruined

I am laying in bed because I'm in too much pain to stand. I know the worst will be over soon but the discomfort will linger for days. I just had...

100 Days Without Gluten: Day #16 - A Confusing Disease

My friend sent this article to me and it brings back so many memories of my youth: Jacob Rosenblum, 13, used to take peanut butter and jelly...

100 Days Without Gluten - Day #9: Quiche In Canada

It's a lovely Saturday morning and I've got a lot to get down before everyone else rolls out of bed and starts texting me to come out and play. I'm...

100 Days Without Gluten - Day #3: The Ice Cream Man

I really don't care for the whole organic fad. I figure the pesticides I put in my body on any given day can't be worse than a night out at...

100 Days Without Gluten - Day #1: Gluten Rehab

I've been hungry for 27 years. No matter how much I eat or what I eat, I'm always hungry. I've learned to eat really big meals because it's the only...

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