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The longest walk... by Lori Cee So far. Last night I sent out a few messages to people to say hello, to see how they were doing, some who I haven't spoken to in a while. I woke up quite early and ha ... Read on »
Differences in Me by Lori Cee People who haven't seen me in a few weeks are commenting on differences. I feel different.  I just wasn't sure that translated into something more visible to the outside wo ... Read on »
Missing Pilates Session by Lori Cee Today I missed pilates. I had to go to a client site for a payroll handover. I didn't realise that it would make such a difference to my mood. It's entirely possible ... Read on »
Off the Floor by Lori Cee For the first time for as long as I can remember, I got off the floor without leaning on a chair and using my arms to assist.  I was on one of those thick squishy mats so ... Read on »
Ultrasound by Lori Cee I had physio today.  I learnt a lot.  More than just releasing the muscles and feeling that light buzzy feeling afterwards, I learnt what my muscles looked like when they we ... Read on »
Pilates Shake Up by Lori Cee In addition to my regular pilates appointments, I've added two sessions with Julie.   All three have kicked up a notch. I didn't know that I could have muscle pain ... Read on »
Money Savings with Minimal Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India by Vihan J. Facebook A hip replacement surgery is required when one breaks his hip in an accident or if it gets degenerated due to osteoarthritis. This surgery is one of the most serious and maj ... Read on »
Take Advantage of Low Cost Joint Replacement Surgery in India by Vihan J. Facebook Probably the most worked out body parts are the joints that have to undergo a lot of stress and work as a person sits, stands, and moves or performs any other physical activ ... Read on »
Trying Something New by Lori Cee This year has marked a number of big changes for me. Last year didn't work for me and I went away at Christmas with a whole lot of homework to think about what I actually ... Read on »
Random Meeting on a Plane by Lori Cee It turned out to be the next opportunity - the open door that I needed to walk through. Last week I flew to Melbourne for a wedding. I was going to leave work early a ... Read on »