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What to expect?

Posted by oakscrty Facebook

Original diagnosis avascular necrosis of the femoral head 1994, 15 years out THR both sides 49 year old active 215lb male; lower disc problems spurs. Right side had more bone loss at time of replacement therefor another model part used. I have agrgued that stem going down femur pusehs tight against one side then at bottom of stem tight against other side. This would be right side and have trouble with that knee swelling pain on occasions. Over all since surgery things have gone well but I have a sense of some problems but I am unable to get any real answer to this question; What to expect as hips begin to fail? Kind of pain, limitations, time line. The explanations up till now have been across the board just depends on what Dr. I speak with. I realize there may be questions to help better answer my question please feel free to ask. I have JPEG images from Feb. 2009


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