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What is Tintilum for hip replacement?

Posted by Peggy J.

Daughter just had 3rd hip replacement, the last one less than a year ago.  She is 38 years old.  The last one the cap separated from the bone, in much pain.  Surgeon just replaced the cap and ball using a material of "Tintilum".  I can't find any data on it. Does anyone know what this is and how effective? 

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I believe you mean Tantalum.  It is an element that is used to make a metal implant (manufactured by Zimmer and called Trebecular Metal) that has been shown to very effectively bond to bone.  It is particularly helpful in difficult reconstruction cases such as your daughter's. It is used in some cases where there are defects in the bone that would otherwise have been filled with bone grafts or cement.  

Gary Jones, MD 

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