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what causes muscle spasms after spinal for knee replacement?

Posted by dave p.

 i had total knee replacement surgery2weeks ago. i have pain in calf of leg went to er. not a blood clot. can not do therapy can not bare weight on my foot. have severe muscle spasms in hip and leg. dr. can not pinpoint problem. has anyone else ever had this? calf of leg feels like a fist in back of leg. could this be from spinal?
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Hi Dave,

I am a physical therapist.  This is not a typical response to knee replacment surgery.  If the doppler came back negative it is not a blood clot but your symptoms could be related to your spine.  Sometimes the position that you and your leg is in during the surgery can place pressure on the spine and pinch a nerve.   

Of course avoid any activities that aggravate your sympotms.  Try applying ice to your lower back, 10 minutes at a time a few times a day.   Communicate with your doctor about your symptoms.  If you can't start PT for your knee you might want to start it for your lower back to get those sympotms under control.

Check out this site and see if any of the descriptions match your symptoms.  If so you can start some of the stretches recommended.


Good luck.   




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