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Still suffering 1 year later after THR

Posted by shasta

Hello, A newbie here. Here is my question. I had a right THR anterior approach, April 4th 2011. Everything went well. Did some physical therapy. 6 months later I had to  move.  So lost a bit of P/T time.  Then my SI joint in my low back got bad. Now over a year later. Still have pain in  my thigh. And sometimes down my leg. But mostly in the entire right thigh area. As anyone else had this problem? I am not out of pain. Almost as bad as it was before the THR. And just as much pain as it was after surgery.. I am at a loss. So frustrated. Getting me down......The replacement itself, is ok. But the effects of my right leg,and thigh is awful. What do you all think is happening? Do I need more physical therapy. Could it just be the muscles are still weak? Sometimes my entire hip area hurts so bad. Especially after walking a bit. This is awful, please help me.. Thankyou Shasta
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