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Questions that I don't have the answers for yet.

Posted Mar 04 2011 12:00am
This post will be updated as I find out the answers to these questions and as I think of more questions to ask.  There are a number of them that I will be able to ask when I have my pre-op appointment on 4 April.  I could make an appointment sooner - though these things will not change my decision and can wait until then. (There is a good chance that I have been given this information in earlier appointments but with the amount of information that I have received and researched, it could very well be that I have confused myself and can't remember which applies to me!!)

Where will the incision be? I hadn't thought about this until I was reading this page that I found from a google search.  I hadn't considered the various cutting locations and had assumed that it would be on the side.  I think I saw the start of a surgery video on a site recommended by the surgeon for information and assumed that is how he will cut...  (I say beginning as I couldn't watch it all - squeamish!)  What I do remember about the cut is that it isn't a micro-incision and the reasons why this isn't used by my surgeon...  just not where the cut will be. [edit:  I do know now :)  it will be down the side]
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