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Quat muscle broke after imobilized for 36 yrs

Posted by tinman

I Was involved in auto accident in 1974. I was crushed between 2 cars after the one got hit at appx. 50 mph. with all the trauma and healing thru the years 36 years to date I was only able to bend my leg from 155 deg to 135 deg, Never able to bend leg more than that. April 2010 I had a total knee. I realized of the risk of potential complications. After surgery the Dr/therapist was bending my leg, and did achieve 90 deg or better. Then I realized that the Quad muscle that attached to the knee cap had broken. Now I am not able to extend my leg. And yes this is due to the fact that the muscle was limited for all those years. I underwent another surgery in Oct 2010 and a cadaver muscle was used. I’m told to keep leg in immobilizer for 5 weeks then to use an adjustable brace, slowly extending leg to achieve maximum bend.

       My question is, do you have any input on this type of problem with the best results. I want to do this only once.

I realize that this is a rare case and not much is written about the best healing procedure. Do you know of any articles related to this that will help me heal with the best chance of no recurrence, and can forward to me?

        I appreciate your help.

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