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On Talking to Your Doctor about Joint Replacement Surgery

Posted by Jeff K. Health Maven

1.       How did you settle on a doc to do the surgery?


2.       Did you look at any videos of surgeries ahead of time?  Thinking about having the surgery, what made you the most nervous?  Did your doctor help you with your anxiety?  Did you try and talk with others who’d had the surgery to see what their experiences were like.


3.       What did your doctor not tell you that you wish he/she had either about how the surgery would go, or what it would be like afterwards?


4.       Did your doctor talk to you about the kinds of equipment that they would use to rebuild your knee or your hip?  What worried you the most?  What eased your mind the most about what the doctor told you?  Did you go anywhere online to learn more about the differences between different kinds of knee/hip implants?  What did you find most informative and helpful?

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yes I did quite a bit of checking on implant brands & styles. The one I have wasnt on a recall but now its stating that this hip should be recalled so now its a matter of I probably should've stuck with my osteoarthritic hip instead of chancing the replacement because it seems like all have their problems ugh  I'm so disgusted with DePuy
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