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MRI for Diagnosing Knee Pain

Posted Sep 27 2010 11:26pm

knee mriMRI helps in diagnosing the cause of knee pain by providing a clear and concise image.


MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) helps in diagnosing the cause of knee pain by providing a clear and concise image of the internal structure of the knee to the physician. The sophisticated medical equipment uses magnetic field and radio waves for generating a detailed image of the knee in a 3-D cross section. The surrounding muscles and other tissues of the knee can be completely mapped and seen on a computer screen and also obtained in the form of a film.


The MRI Procedure


Patients who are recommended a MRI scan would need to wear a hospital gown for the scan. The radiologist or specialist present during the scan would ask the patient to lie back on the MRI table. In some cases a dye known as contrast may be administered to the patient in order to enhance the images and give a detailed view of the knee’s internal structure and factors responsible for limited functioning.


Several images of the knee would be taken during which loud thumping and humming noises emanate from the device. The noise can be well suppressed by wearing ear plugs.

The processed images would then help the physicians formulate an effective treatment plan for the knee pain.


Some conditions which may necessitate an MRI scan for diagnosing knee pain are:


  • Intense knee pain that doesn’t improve with treatment
  • Potential damage to knee cartilage, muscle or ligaments
  • Tear of knee cartilage
  • Collection of fluid in the knee joint
  • Knee joint infection
  • Knee ligament injury


Non-invasive Diagnostic Device


MRI is a non-invasive device which causes no pain or discomfort during the scan which at the most lasts for one hour. Unlike x-rays, which emit harmful radiations, the magnetic fields don’t cause any side-effects. Moreover, MRI is more effective when compared to CT scan. Patients can resume their daily routine as before without any restrictions. At present, most hospitals, clinics and health centers utilize MRI technology for diagnosing knee pain.


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