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Posted Feb 12 2011 12:00am
The decision to have bilateral hip replacement surgery has taken a little while to come to and has been a consideration for me for some time.  It will take me a number of posts to cover the things that I considered before booking the surgery as well as what I have done since in preparation.  I hope to chronicle the journey from now through rehabilitation and living with new hips in the hope that this information is useful to someone else out there who is in the same situation as I am.

I have done a lot of google searching looking for not only information about the procedure itself, but also the stories of people that have had hip replacements. Of most interest to me are the accounts of women of child bearing age who haven't had children yet and are looking to do so at some point in the future (or maybe have since their op).  I was also interested in hearing the stories of women who have severe hip joint problems primarily caused by arthritis (rheumatoid or other).  Having grown up with a chronic illness that I really didn't want to talk about as a child or even as an adult, it didn't really surprise me that there weren't a lot of personal accounts online.  Thought I don't know what I really expected to find, it certainly was more than what was out there.  I would still love to hear from you and your story if you have been through this, or thinking about going through this.

The story as I tell it here will probably be a little disjointed as a lot has happened leading up to this point which is needed to understand some of how I ended up at this point.  In between the day-to-days activities that are going on in the lead up to and post surgery, I'll do my best to explain the history.

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