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Hip Surgery - Dislocation

Posted Sep 01 2012 1:57pm

On May 14, 2012, I had an arthritic hip replaced.  Did fairly well, but three weeks later, the hip dislocated and I was not doing anything at the time to make it happen. In fact, I was in the hospital ER because earlier in the day I felt a "pop" in the hip and my PT advised me to go for rxays. When it popped out, I was sitting in a chair, signing in and I screamed and all @#$% broke loose!! For three hours, the ER doc and staff kept knocking me out and trying to put it back in place and finally, my surgeon came in and they put it back in under anesthesia in the OR. To say this was an ordeal, is an understatement.  I've had 2 children and 2 open heart surgeries and they were "painless!" compared to this.

So for 12 weeks, I wore a brace, 24-7 to keep the hip in place. It was set at a 75 degree angle and I was told to sit in a recliner, no straight back chairs, and to always keep my knee lower than my hip. I also had to sleep on my back in this miserable brace.

 Finally got the brace off and have started Physical Therapy, but my hip continues to hurt ... it's very stiff when I first stand up, I cannot sit on any hard surface, I cannot bend down, cannot even tie my own shoes!  I am a 65 year old woman who suffered with a painful hip for many years, caused I'm told, by a slightly ruptured disc in my back.  Now it's true, the arthritis pain in my hip is gone, but in it's place is now an achy soreness that doesn't seem to be getting any better.

My orthopedic dr, one of the most respected in our area, tells me he's never had this happen to a patient of his before and he cannot tell me exactly why it popped out, except that maybe the muscles around the hip socket were affected because of the severe arthritis.

Nevertheless, I am continuing PT, also having PT on my shoulder - which ER doc injured while trying to reduce the hip - and am down to one pain pill a day, which I take in the evening when my leg cramps kick in!

 I am most interested in learning if there are others who have a hip dislocate after seemingly uneventful hip replacement surgery. I'm told it happens, but not often. True?

Well, one thing for sure, I feel better just being able to tell my story here! And if anyone out there has gone through the same thing, you have my very sincere sympathy!


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