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Has anyone had a total knee replaced and had severe knee spasms post surgery?

Posted by Debbe

This problem seems to be getting worse not better so I am getting concerned...I had a total knee replacement 1-12-12.  Everything is great except for one problem...I am experiencing pretty intense muscle spasms in the "new" knee that make me jump and it is quite painful.  Pain meds seems to help alleviate the symptoms but I cannot continue to depend on heave duty drugs to stop the pain.  When I get this is usually at night, but lately it is now happening during the day.  Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, does it just go away?  If not, how did you get it resolved?  I have only tried the pain meds, and I am now wondering if there is something else I need to try.  Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks, Debbe

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In total knee replacement surgery there is muscle and joint pain but you need to move about and keep yourself active.Only then will the pain subside.It takes almost an year for the full recovery.Ask your doctor for some exercises which will help strengthen your muscles and help reduce the pain.
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