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Did you get relief?

Posted by Motorcycle Accident

Jan 09 I messed up my r knee.  Tibial Plateau Fracture.  I am now bone on bone and have NO cartiledge in that knee.  I've tried braces, steriods, and therapy.  My ortho is now talking about a Rooster Comb injection and then possibly knee replacement.  Has anyone had these 2 procedures done, and if so, how did yours turn out?  Did they help with the pain?
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Have you heard of Egoscue? It has helped many people delay a joint replacement for years and even avoid one when doctors had said it is needed. Egoscue is a postural therapy program that is designed to help correct your muscles imbalances to take the stress and wear and tear out of the effected joint(s). Read this about bone-on-bone knees:

Thanks, since my post I have talked to someone else who also had the rooster comb injections and it gave her a couple of years before her knee replacement.  So, I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope that this will give me some relief from the pain. 

I had the Hyalgan: rooster comb injections (5) at different intervals. Gave me about two years..

also had Hyaluronan, it is a carbohydrate that is in the fluid inside your joints, thick and jelly like- relief for 6 months. Now looking at microfracture surgery; minimally invasive where little holes made in bone so it bleeds and causes a "scab" which acts like cartilage. atheletic friend had it done with some relief. doc also talked about bracing knee so wear and tesr distributed differently.

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