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Apple MacBook Pro 17inch Battery

Posted Jun 26 2012 2:33am

Apple first previewed Mountain Lion back in February, so developers and tech journalists have had plenty of time to get familiar with the OS update  Samsung X25 Battery. However, at Monday’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, Apple announced a few previously undisclosed  features  coming in Mountain Lion, such as dictation support, Power Nap, and Safari improvements  Samsung X30 Battery.


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But in the process of announcing Mountain Lion's July release date  Samsung X50 Battery, the company also breezed through a slew of other updates coming in the new operating system: Near the end of the Mountain Lion portion of the presentation, Apple’s Phil Schiller displayed a slide listing oodles of other features. Here are a few that caught our eye:

Reading List, which debuted in Lion (OS X 10.6), is a Safari feature that lets you save Web bookmarks for reading later—your Reading List syncs between your  Macs  and iOS devices using iCloud  Samsung NP-X06 Battery. In Mountain Lion, the feature goes a step further by downloading each saved webpage—content in your Reading List displays in full—complete with text and images—even if your device lacks an Internet connection  Samsung X05 Battery.

In Mountain Lion, you can rename documents from the title bar  Samsung X06 Battery. That is, the venerable title bar in the new OS does double duty as a menu of its own. Click on the title bar of a document, and you can choose options like renaming the file, duplicating it, or moving it to iCloud.And while this wasn’t on Schiller’s slide, if you’re one of the frustrated Lion users angsty over OS X 10.7’s removal of the Save As command Samsung X10 Battery, you’ll appreciate that Mountain Lion restores that option—while Shift-Command-S remains the shortcut for Duplicate, adding Option to that keyboard combo gives you the traditional Save As behavior  Samsung NV5000 Battery.

Apple says that the Mac App Store scores several significant upgrades in Mountain Lion. Among them: As with iOS  Samsung Q10 Battery, apps you purchase on one Mac will automatically be pushed to any other Macs linked to the same Mac App Store account. OS X updates will move to the Mac App Store in Mountain Lion, as well—Software Update will soon become but a memory  Samsung Q20 Battery.And if you’re a fan of gestures, good news: In Mountain Lion, Safari’s two-finger swipe for navigating back and forth between webpages works in the Mac App Store, too.

Other updates large and small coming in Mountain Lion include: A sidebar in Calendar (née iCal) to view and manage your calendars; VIP contacts in Mail; iOS-style location-based  reminders  (and a full Geofencing API for third-party developers)  Samsung Q25 Battery; search in Launchpad and Dashboard; Mail preferences syncing via iCloud; Do Not Track and password autofill in Safari; a new iCloud-syncing Notes app with note folders; a Photo Stream screen saver; the ability to run a full-screen app on any connected monitor; encrypted backups; backups onto multiple drives; and drag-and-drop file transfers in Screen Sharing  Samsung P30 Battery.

Five months ago, Vizio impressed us with a line of slick new laptops--the first PCs by the company known best for its televisions. Now, Vizio is taking pre-orders on its “Thin + Light” Ultrabook PCs, which will ship by the end of the summer  Samsung P35 Battery.

There's already no shortage of Windows PCs that liberally borrow design cues from Apple, with PC makers' Ultrabooks inviting more comparisons than ever. But Vizio seems to have nailed the concept  Samsung P40 Battery.

Just like the MacBook Air, Vizio's laptops are built from a single slab of aluminum. Even with the premium materials, the laptops are fairly thin and light, at 0.67 inches thick and 3.39 pounds for the 14-inch model  Samsung NP-Q70 Battery, and 0.68 inches thick and 3.96 pounds for the 15-inch version. Vizio didn't skimp on the screen either, using a 1600-by-900 panel for the 14-inch laptop and a 1920-by-1080 Full HD display for the 15-inch laptop. The larger of the two isn't exactly a “Retina”  display, but it comes close  Samsung NP-Q40 Battery.

As for tech specs, Vizio offers configurations that rival the MacBook Air. Although Apple doesn't offer a 14-inch Air, Vizio's 14-inch model is only about a quarter-inch wider, and less than a half-inch deeper  Samsung Q30 Battery. Both machines offer Core i5 and Core i7 processors, though Vizio also offers a Core i3 model. They both come with 4 GB of RAM and128 GB of solid state storage. (Apple's Airs can be upgraded to 8 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of solid state.)

Vizio and Apple both claim up to 7 hours of battery life  Samsung Q40 Battery. Vizio's 14-inch screen comes at a higher resolution than the Air, which uses a 1440-pixel-by-900-pixel resolution for the screen. They both offer USB 3.0, and Vizio uses HDMI output instead of Thunderbolt.(Thunderbolt, much like USB 3.0, is a high-speed interconnect that facilitates data transfer between PCs and peripherals like external storage devices and monitors  Samsung NP-X22 Battery. However, Thunderbolt is faster than USB 3.0, with data-transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps (gigabits per second). The technology is also attractive as it can daisy-chain up to five peripherals.)

But the real kicker for Vizio's  laptops  is the price. While other Ultrabook makers have priced their premium laptops well above $1,000, Vizio's 14-inch Thin + Light PC starts at $900. The $950 Core i5 model is $250 cheaper than the comparable 13-inch MacBook Air described above  Samsung X22 Battery. The 15-inch version starts at $950 with a Core i3 processor.It's not all good news, though. Both The Verge and Gizmodo were disappointed with Vizio's trackpads, and The Verge wasn't too keen on the keyboard. (I haven't tried Vizio's  laptops  since CES, but I thought they worked well back then.) The keyboard and trackpad are hallmarks of the MacBook experience, and can't be measured in specs, so it's disappointing to hear that Vizio may have skimped  Samsung M55 Battery.

Still, Vizio's combination of low prices, high-end materials  Samsung M70 Battery, and solid specs will likely make a big splash in the Windows PC market, just as the company disrupted the television market with aggressive pricing. Low-cost PCs are nothing new, but Windows fans may finally have a low-cost MacBook rival to look forward to  Samsung NP-M50 Battery.

Apple's new Retina MacBook Pro is a harbinger of future changes to the company's laptop line  Samsung NP-M70 Battery, analysts said today.And those changes could come as soon as October."It's pretty clear that as some of the technology in the MacBook Pro with Retina becomes more available and at a lower cost, they will drive those technologies down through the rest of the line," said Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research  Samsung NP-R50 Battery.

Apple launched the new MacBook Pro Monday at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and touted the notebook as thinner and lighter than the standard MacBook Pro  Samsung NP-R55 Battery, boasted of its high-resolution display -- dubbed "Retina" to match the marketing label used for the pixel-packed  screens  on the newest iPhone and iPad -- and highlighted the move to SSD (solid-state drive) storage Samsung R50 Battery.

Like the MacBook Air before it, the Retina MacBook Pro also lacks an optical drive  Samsung R55 Battery. That omission, along with the shift to a SSD rather than a traditional platter-based hard disk drive, let Apple shrink the thickness of the laptop.Most early reviews of the Retina MacBook Pro have been glowing, and have universally singled out the display, which sports a total of 5.1 million pixels  Samsung NP-P50 Battery.

While the MacBook Air has long been the benchmark thin-and-light laptop -- to the point where Windows PC makers have taken to trying to replicate it with "ultrabooks" -- the MacBook Pro line has been a very traditional kind of notebook  Samsung NP-P60 Battery. For proof, one has only to look at the shipping delays for the Retina MacBook Pro.Currently, new orders won't ship for thee or four weeks, Apple's online store stated Thursday. That delay first appeared Tuesday, after Apple apparently exhausted its supply  Samsung NP-R40 Battery.

But others predict that Apple will start the shift to Retina sooner, perhaps as early as October  Samsung NP-R65 Battery.Yesterday , Richard Shim and Jeff Lin, analysts at DisplaySearch, said that their supply chain sources reported that production of 2560-by-1600-pixel resolution 13.3-in. displays would start in the third quarter  Samsung NP-R70 Battery."Our sources indicate that  Apple  will use this panel in a MacBook Pro unit to be  launched  in the fourth quarter [of 2012]," Shim and Lin said in a blog post. "Production volume is expected to be roughly twice that of the 15.4-in. MacBook Pro."

They estimated that the year's production of the larger display -- the one used in this week's Retina MacBook Pro -- would be less than two million units, putting a sales cap on the new laptop.It's also possible  Samsung NP-X60 Battery, however, that the higher-resolution 13.3-in. displays could end up in the higher-end MacBook Air, which uses a screen that size, too.While the $2,199 starting price of the Retina MacBook Pro is high -- "It feels pricy for a 15-in. laptop," said Gillett -- that should come down as Apple's suppliers ramp up the production of the high-resolution screen, and as the new model's  characteristics  migrate to other Pro configurations Samsung P210 Battery.

"They took all the expertise they had from the Air and applied it to the Pro," said Gillett. "It may be more expensive now  Samsung P460 Battery, but they'll be making a lot of these, and for a long time."Apple does not often reduce prices, but rather keeps the dollar figures stable while boosting performance and storage space. It made an exception this week when it cut prices of most MacBook Air models by $100  Samsung P50 Battery.

The discounting could have been a pre-emptive strike by Apple against Windows laptop rivals, who are expected to launch a bevy of devices, including touch-enabled notebooks and hybrids that combine tablet and laptop elements  Samsung P560 Battery, before those competitors start selling Windows 8 systems later this year."Just as the ultrabook ramp is expected to reach an inflection point in [the third quarter], Apple unveiled a refreshed MacBook Air line and lowered the price range by $100," said Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, in a  note  to clients on Tuesday. "We believe the ultrabook price points remain too high  Samsung P60 Battery, thus we believe consumers will continue to opt for the MacBook Air."

If a 13-in. Retina MacBook Pro does launch in the fourth quarter, the two Pros with high-resolution displays -- along with the reduced-priced MacBook Airs -- could put even more pressure on Windows PC OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to up their game  Samsung P60 Q210 Battery, cut prices or both.

Apple isn’t afraid to stir things up, making people to rethink how they use technology  Samsung Q310 Battery. In recent years, most of that kind of innovation has focused on the iPhone, iPad, and iOS. But the MacBook Pro with Retina  display  now directs attention back to the Mac  Samsung R40 Battery.

The Retina MacBook Pro is not only a groundbreaking release, combining stunning performance and portability in a 15-inch Mac laptop  Samsung R410 Battery. This model will also force you to change the way you interact with a  laptop. From overhauling how you view and work with content to how you deal with external devices and connections, Apple isn’t afraid to push its customers in new directions. The Retina MacBook Pro is certainly a more-than-gentle nudge  Samsung R45 Battery.

The marquee feature of this laptop is right in the name—the Retina display. The Retina display made its debut in the iPhone 4, followed by the third generation iPad. It’s finally made its way to a Mac  Samsung R460 Battery. You can look at the Retina display as another step in the iOS-ification of the Mac, or you can see it as I do—another way to remind you that all of these products are part of one big happy Apple family  Samsung R505 Battery.

The Retina display's numbers are mind-boggling: 2880 by 1800 pixels—that's 220 pixels per inch—for a total of 5.18 million pixels on a 15.4-inch backlit screen  Apple 13 inch MacBook Air Battery . When the Retina MacBook Pro is set at its (Best) Retina setting, it’s spectacular—the detail in photos is great, and text is the crispest and cleanest it’s ever been. For the first few hours with the Retina MacBook Pro  Apple Macbook Air 13 inch Battery, I even found enjoyment in reading the text of system alerts. The Retina MacBook Pro helped rekindle my appreciation for the little details of Mac OS X that, over time, I’ve taken for granted. There were no dead pixels or light leakage on the two Retina MacBook Pros I looked at, and compared to my 17-inch MacBook Pro, colors were exceedingly vibrant  Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch Battery.

With so many pixels  Apple MacBook Pro 17inch Battery, it’s easy to notice the amount of detail you can see in high-resolution photos. But it emphasizes the low quality of many website images. Fire up Safari and you can read an article displayed in finely rendered text, with images that now look jaggy  Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch Battery. For anyone tuned to such nuances, it can be annoying, but don’t blame the laptop. It’s up to Web designers to start to optimize graphics for Retina displays. With the popularity of the iPhone and iPad, the addition of a Retina laptop  Apple MacBook 13 inch Battery, and the eventual adoption of high-resolution displays in non-Apple  devices, it’s only a matter of time before the Web catches up.

Videos on the Retina MacBook Pro look excellent  Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Battery. To fit a 1080p video on MacBook Pro, the video is enlarged to fill the screen. Since these MacBook Pros already have more pixels on the screen than on a HDTV. I didn’t notice any ghosting, and the laptop’s  video  card seemed to have no problem handling the video  Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch Battery.


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The Retina MacBook Pro actually has two video cards—one integrated, one discrete  Apple iBook G3 12inch Battery. The integrated video card (which shares memory with the main memory, and is actually part of the CPU), is Intel’s HD Graphics 4000, which is used to help preserve battery life. The discrete video card (a separate component with its own memory) is Nvidia’s GeForce GT 650M, with 1GB of video memory  Apple PowerBook G4 15inch Titanium Battery. The system automatically switches processors based on the activity you’re performing, so you’re not sacrificing performance while, say, playing a game. You can turn off automatic graphics switching, which then sets the Retina MacBook Pro to always use the discrete video card  Apple iBook G4 14inch Battery.

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