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28 Days Post Op: Going Home Day

Posted May 06 2011 7:12am
Today was the last day that I would be woken at 6:00am, 6:15am, 6:30am, 6:45am, 7:00am and 7:15am at which point I would usually be kicked out of bed.  Hospitals are like alarm clocks set by some evil person for an ungodly hour with a snooze button that keeps going until you are forced out of bed.  Going home day is exciting as well as a little bit daunting.  I was pretty confident that I was ready for it, though it is hard to know how I'll be able to handle everything until I got here and settled into a routine again.  I think it might take a few days to get to that point.

Prior to leaving the rehab doctor came passed to ask about the drama that we had last weekend.  Since I was actually at the point of getting out of there, I didn't see the harm in talking about the issues that we had.  I didn't really want to get into it while I was still there as I didn't want to have to deal with people that I have had issues with if they knew that I had made a complaint about them.  The doctor wants to address issues like these when they happen so that they can be fixed.  I understand what he was saying and had I been at a fully fit and independent state, I might have done so but having to still have to stay there and be reliant on these people, I really didn't want to rock the boat.  They were still able to identify the bad advice nurse since I knew what day I blogged about it.  I also told them about the 'good chance to be normal' comment and the other things that happened during the infamous physio session.  I'm not sure if there will be further training or what the repercussions will be but thankfully I won't suffer any consequences for it.  The doctor asked us to speak to the head of nursing about the issues as well, and she said that many people feel the same in relation to 'retribution' and fail to comment which doesn't help them improve the level of service provided.  Apparently it doesn't happen but I can't see how it wouldn't change the way that the spoken to person would react the next time that they had to deal with me.  Anyway it is all done now and I'm home!

On the way home we stopped past the mobility place and got the last couple of things that we needed for me at home.  I am now equipped with a granny wheely walker so that I can carry things around the house, specifically the kitchen and have a perch stool to sit in while I'm in the kitchen.    The main issue in the kitchen was that I am physically able to cook or make a cup of coffee or whatever it was, but I couldn't actually carry something out of the cupboard or the fridge as I am using both hands to use crutches.  The wheely walker means that I have a tray to put things on and both hands are still on the walker while I am walking.  Problem solved.

Stopping on the way home meant that I was in and out of the car twice which was an achievement.  Getting home seemed like an even bigger one.

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