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23 Days Post Op: 5 Days to go in Rehab

Posted May 01 2011 2:39am
I am pretty wrecked this afternoon.  I did a big session at the gym this morning back onto my terms and with my goals.  There seemed to be a little bit of back tracking which might be because I was more forceful about what needed to be achieved today or maybe she realised the normal comment was out of line.  I'm not sure but the positive side of things was that it went better and I achieved what I needed to achieve.  The next time I will be in the gym is Tuesday afternoon as the morning will be my home visit with my OT.  Tomorrow is yet another public holiday and I will be doing my exercises on the ward and going for walks. I have friends coming in with real food and they can take me for a walk (like a puppy *smirk*).   

The big 'I did it moment' today was getting my feet into bed twice today.  I'm not quite sure I could manage it now as everything is ready to fall asleep but I got them in - twice.  Out is pretty easy now provided the rails are down.  I'm not quite sure why they want the rails up still when I go to bed as I'm not rolling anywhere yet.  I guess it might just be one of those safety requirements that they need to follow for certain patients.  It just means that I still need to buzz the nurses when I wake up between 3 and 5am for a bathroom break so I can get out bed.   

I am allowed to get a pass out of here now to go across the street for lunch or a coffee or whatever provided that I go in the wheelchair.  My husband suggested we do this for lunch today but I wasn't keen  as I think it is already going to be hard enough to come back on Tuesday after actually going to the house.  It's probably a little backward, but I figure that if I just stick to my routine here, the days go quickly and the five days left will be over before I know it.  As it stands it's not quite even five really as I should be kicked out in the morning.  That will probably depend a lot on whether we still go for patient transport or not.  That is going to be decided on Tuesday as the getting in and out of the car thing hasn't been attempted yet.  I don't care if I have to go home in an ambulance so long as I get there and get there this Friday coming.   

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