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JohnL Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Special Education
Charlottesville, Virginia
I'm a professor at the University of Virginia where I teach and conduct research about the problems of students with Learning Disabilities and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. My research has focused mostly on evidence-based methods for teaching these students academic skills and... Full Bio
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Nature: De novo mutations, autism, and schizophrenia, redux

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Parent questionnaire picks up ASD at age one

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hi DR johnl  i need some studes about  difficulties difficulties  i need it to write amaster
Jan 12 2011 by Kristi

Hi John, I have a strong belief that learning occurs best when stress is reduced, when a child's behaviors are understood instead of being viewed as intentional, and where relationship is present.  I have a friend who has created some educational materials based on these concepts the materials I believe are titled Working with the Difficult Child in the classroom.  Would be interested in your view point as a researcher.

Thanks, Kristi (parent of a child with disabilities)