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John R. Medical Social Worker

Hollywood, Florida
I am a PhD Clincial Social Work Student at Walden University. For thirty-six years I have being researching and writing on the effects of unresolved abandonment issues and its affects. I am the author of Thank You for Loving Me! The Psychology of Abandonment, Healing and Loving. I have also... Full Bio
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Jan 07 2011 by Vivian J. Jackson
1/6/2011  Hello John! Happy new year! Many years have passed since last we saw one another.  Remember Unions for Youth sponsored by the NFLPA?  I picked up your book Monday just to re-read and then decided to check you out. Alas, I found you. I am a retired Rehabilitation Counselor.   Contact me:
Sep 01 2009 by Coppervenus

Hello John

I would like to ask how one can get an MSW and what one can do with it afterwards. I have an undergrad in psychology and sociology as well as an associates in biological sciences. I am currently studying for the GRE's generala and psych. I am wondering the differences both acedemic and proffesional between MSW, MFT and PsyD.

Thank you in advance for your knowledge.




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