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For Stephanie

Glad to hear from you. I collected a number of memories from my days at Monday. About the ballgame, I hope you remember the dog and brewski as...

Good News That's Bad

I had my endoscopy the other day, that's where they shove a camera down my throat to examine my stomach from the inside. The good news is that...

Finally Some Good News

After some delays I had my appointment with the Cardiologist to go over the results from the various heart tests that I was given as a result of...

All;s Quiet on the Northern Front

I’ve been a bad boy. It’s been weeks since my last posting and I have no excuse really except I was thinking that nothing was happening worth...

Some Progress

Well, I finally got to see the gastroenterologist last week and it was a bit of a letdown. A 2 hour wait in the lobby, then a 10 minute...

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May 11 2009 by JOliveira
Hi John, I do dyalise since 1994. I was treated in a clinic during 5 years, after that I did a renal transplantation. One of my sisters gave me one of her kidneys but it never worked well, so I had to do again dyalise. After that, I did DPCA, during more 5 years. I had some problems and I must stoped with this kind of dyalise and I return to the clinic to do hemodyalisis 3 time a week, 4h 30m each day. Since last August I have my dyalise machine at home and I do the treatment, 4 times a week, 8 hours per nite. My wife is my dear nurse :):) and actually everything run very well. I have no problems, no alarms during the dyalise, I stoped with sevelamer, erythopoetine, ferrum, etc. My clinic analysis are very well. I think during this 15 years this is the most effective treatment I had, I feel better and I do not have that felling of be seek and be tired that I had during the tretament in clinics. I am 48 years old and I am from Portugal. In my country we are few patients doing nocturnal dyalise. I would like to change experince with other patients to learn more about nocturnal dyalise. Regards José Oliveira

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