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I'm just a regular 40 year old guy trying to set a good example for my two young daughters and keep my wife from patting my belly as a way to remind me of my obligation to stay healthy for my family. My blog is a personal journal of my experiences as a runner going into middle age, as well as a... Full Bio
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Sheesh - I haven't written in awhile. No point in having this blog thing unless I use it...been a very busy past few months though, so I'll...


Decent run today. Absolutely beautiful weather, which put me in mind of my childhood for some reason. It's the type of day where everything is...


Been pretty active lately with my runs, but not very good about follow up with the diary. Have completed about four 5 to 6 mile outings with...

1/3/2009 - 2:15pm

Spent the morning - while cooking a large breakfast - mulling over whether it would make sense to try to get out for a run since a light snow had...


Took that run in the rain on Christmas eve and then came down with a bit of a cold. Go figure.  We got a bit of snow yesterday, but only...

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