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Eat This Today: Walnuts

  Most foods that are considered a “snack” are unhealthy or high in unnecessary carbohydrates.  Even if you follow the healthy route of...

Eat This Today: Swiss Chard

Some foods are such nutritional powerhouses that even if you don’t care for the taste you should still eat them regularly.  Sure, you know...

5 Tips: Getting Freakishly Strong

Article By: John Fontana  In the fast paced society we live in today, everyone expects everything to happen quickly.  Just a few years ago...

Increase Strength, Size and Power Through Muscle Actions

I am standing with a load of weight on my back that has never been there before.  The bar is bending due to the grouping of 45-pound plates on...

Eat This Today: Salmon

By now, most people are somewhat familiar with the negative impact mass production has had on the beef industry.  Though beef was once seen...

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Feb 15 2009 by Taylor ..
Hey John, I just sent you an email, check it and let me know what you think, and i hope it can solve your picture problem to, cya
Feb 05 2009 by John Fontana
Does anyone know how to change the image when you post a blog?  My blogs automatically post from my website and then WellSphere puts an image next to it.  Usually it is completely irrelevant to the topic I wrote about.