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John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor

John David Gordon is the Co-Director of Dominion Fertility ( He is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and specialty board-certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Dr. Gordon is a summa-cum-laude graduate of Princeton University and attended... Full Bio
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Apr 16 2011 by JAHoping

Hi Dr. Gordon,

If you were to find a 31mm x 44mm inclusion cyst in the cul de sac by vaginal ultrasound on a 29yo female with no history of abdominal surgery/trauma or PID- what further tests or treatments would you consider? Would you consider this a sign that endometriosis could be a likely diagnosis?  Thanks for any info you can give.

Dec 30 2010 by Lydia L.

Hi Dr. Gordon,

I wanted to see if you could tell me if I have a good  chance that my second ivf cycle worked? I had two embryos transfered last tuesday and of course like a idiot I couldn't wait and took a hpt test, two of them in fact today which is exactly the 8 day after transfer since my transfer was last tuesday,  and i got a negative result on both tests can they be both wrong???? I am a nervous wreck!!!!! If you can email me at as well as post a answer.

Apr 14 2010 by Mylrnd

Hi Dr Gordon

I took an unprescribed dose of Clomid 100mg for 5 days without having any tests done. Its now 2 months later & I have been getting my monthly period & no pregancy. My PMS have increased & tenderness/cramps in groin area. GP has advised blood tests to ID hormone levels. What other tests should I ask to be done to check  for any anormalies from using it? Mylrnd

Apr 14 2010 by jknnej

I took Clomid for 6 months, and my endometrium is now too thin-4.7mm. I wore estrogen patches for about 15 days prior to the ultrasound-so that clearly didn't work. Now my RE is going to try giving me vaginal estrogen, which he said sometimes works better than the patches. My question is, in your experience, about how long does it take for the lining to recover, and could the damage be permanent?I have low ovarian reserve-my AFC was 3 on each side, and my fsh was 21.5.


Apr 06 2010 by muni

Hi Dr Gordon

I am on ivf # 5 fresh cycles and last 3 times had day 3 transfer and 4th times had 2 blastocysts transfer and this time had one best grade blastocyst and one an ok blastocyst transfer if does not implant this time what might be wrong with me? i am 37 years old and had hyteroscopy few months back nothing found. i will have blood test in 2 days.....Muni

Jan 21 2010 by JAM

Dr Gordon,

I have been doing my due diligence on reading about endometriosis and Iodine.  What are your thoughts on ingesting a couple of drops a day?


Thank you