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Fredericksburg, Virginia
I am the mom of two beautiful boys. My older son has autism, my younger son has mild sensory integration dysfunction (sensory processing disorder). I am also an art historian, adjunct teaching at various colleges in the area. 
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Who Knows Best

"Hey Mom!" Andy shouts from the door, "can I go with M to the pool?" He already has his swim stuff on. They are headed to the big public pool....

Positive Reinforcement

Joey has discovered Facebook. No, he doesn't have his own account, he isn't old enough for one. I haven't let him start a side page from my...


I have advice for every sane person on the planet: never read the comments on news sites. Comment sections have becomes fuming bastions of...

Please stand by

I look over the charts, the data, the evals and explanations and IEPs, my son's life in black and white and red all over. I ponder how much of...

Living Joyously and Laughing Freely

Happy anniversary to my love and my joy, Allan. Seventeen years in the blink of an eye. Love growing with you ! The world has been...

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Jan 04 2009 by agmon p.

We would like to suggest a new medical device called Eardoc, for reliving ear pain.


The EARDOC is a non invasive device that reduces the ear pain. It treats the problem and not the symptom by opening the eusthichian tube. The Eardoc device was found efficient in clinical tests, and surveys show high user satisfaction,

You can also see a simple two minute movie and read more at 

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



Best Regards

Agmon David

Jan 04 2009 by agmon p.