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Training update thru 11-2-2014

 It's nice to finally be able to post a training report and actually have  some  run training to talk about again. After the Marathon in Verona...

Verona Marathon 2014

 So, How did I end up running a marathon in Italy? I have to thank my friend Margherita Bonfante Scott for that. She was going to be running her...

Training update thru 10-1-2014

    Yes it has been awhile since the last update and that is mainly because there was really no training going on. Just a few days after the last...

Training update 7-20-14 and whats coming !

Well, in a way there wasn't all that much training the past two weeks since two weeks ago was mostly a mini taper for Grandfather Mountain...

Grandfather Mountain Marathon 2014 .And a little extra !

 I had another nice trip to the mountains in July for a fun race and a little escape from the heat of the flatlands. Arrived in town about 4 pm...

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