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Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand Rapids, MI based fitness coach, writer/blogger, presenter, pragmatist & all around good guy. Creator of "This Workout Doesn't Suck" and training adviser to Men's Fitness magazine.
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I Like You, But You’re Crazy.

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The real shame is that this guy never did anything particularly memorable after his bodybuilding contest. ;-)

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Nov 11 2010 by Droberts

Hi Joe,


I won the Medium Tall Division of the 1985 Collegiate Mr. America at 218lbs of dense Natural Muscle retired there after to pursue my career:)

 I just finished running the ING NYC Marathon with a lot of muscle # 33992 - Derrick Roberts 

Sep 22 2009 by andy007

hey thanks man...

actually I am doing engineering in IT...

But stamina is about what should healthy man actually have?

And I prefer exercise at home..

I have dumbels of 4 or 5kgs..

and chest expander spring for chest and stretching..

now tell me, wat is ur preference?


Sep 19 2009 by andy007

hey joe, how r u?

I am 19 and wanna start exercise for improving my stamina.

Could u help me plz?