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A Sign?

In my hometown, I was jogging and I came across this sign. I stopped in mid tracks, startled. And then I looked up laughing and said, "I got...

Everything will be OK

I am going to be Ok. New signage to follow. I am taking a break - but I shall return in August.

Good Thoughts

I have not posted in about 2 weeks. I took a mini-vacation. Today I am realizing how most everything I think about reverberates throughout the...


From the same book - by Ari Kiev A quote from Richard L Evans; "May we never let the things we can't have, or don't have, or shouldn't...

Surrendering to the Now

Great read from a person/therapist/counsellor Ari Kiev: "Surrendering to the now turns off the incessant mental activity that projects negative...
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