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I am an attorney who was brought into the field of patient empowerment through no fault of my own.  I have been a patient and was the care-giver for my ill, elderly dad until he died in January 2010.    My dad's death was not necessary.  His autopsy revealed that his own... Full Bio
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Jan 22 2011 by jodigirl
I am still seeking out an orthopedic surgeon.  For now Duke has prevented me from obtaining medical care.  It seems that Duke Medical is treating me with no more respect than they treated my dad.  The common denominator is Duke Orthopedics
Jan 22 2011 by jodigirl

I allowed Duke Orthopedics to perform a surgery on 9-13-2010 but the surgery failed.  The wound opened within 2 days (while I still in the hospital). It was weird.   No physician at Duke Hospital would look at the opened wound.  It was the 3 monkeys (see, hear, speak no evil).  


Jan 22 2011 by jodigirl

Wow-I cant believe its been so long since I have updated my WhiteBoard.  My dad died on 1-15-2010. Shortly thereafter I became sick with the same infection that dad fought (osteomyelitis).

Sadly Duke University Orthopedics was unable to help my dad and they were also unable to help me.