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How to like what you see in the mirror

I used to look in the mirror and despise every part of my body, my face, and pretty much everything. I felt so ugly, so gross and so depressed. I...

Following your bliss

Who was it that said, "Follow your dream - unless it's the one where you're at work in your underwear during a fire drill."? Author Joseph...

EFT research - we need your help...

For all of us who have been using, studying or practising EFT for some time, we have seen the amazing results that it provides to people from all...

Toll road to success

An airline passenger struck up a conversation with a stranger who was sniffling, apparently due to a recent head cold. "Look at me!" the healthy...

The Stigma of Wearing a Hearing Aid

There are millions of people who chose to wear a hearing aid on a daily basis to improve their hearing, and to enable them to work and socialize...

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