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Ottawa, Canada
I'm a wife and mother of a two year old son who works full time and for years, my weight loss journey has gone like this: Up, Down, Stuck and Up some more!! Well, I'm ready to get unstuck by losing 101 lbs (started December 10, 2008)!!!I want to be healthy and fit! This is my very honest story of how I plan to do just that! I'm on an everlasting journey to get in shape and stay in shape! I AM MY FIRST PRIORITY! 2009 will be "TWO THOUSAND MINE"!!
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Jan 18 2009 by natacha

hey joania, i am natacha and i am with u all the way sweetie....i have been on the wight cycle as well....i go from 200 to 90 pounds and then i put the weight again, then i am almost 190 and i am soooo depressed...but i am with u and will put MYSELF keep up the good work and we can keep track of each other's progress :)

take good care



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