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Joanette B.

Kennewick, Washington
I am a biochemist and wife of an [immune] cancer survivor who is passionate about helping other families bolster their immune systems by lifestyle, supplements and nutrition.  
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Jan 27 2010 by healthnut

does strenuous exercise like long-distance running impact the immune system, or other physiological effects.

Jan 26 2009 by jeni
My main symptoms are severe fatigue and soreness that keeps me from working full time. I have a gang of other symptoms that vary from swollen eyes (huge) to unexplained vertigo that is not mild at all. I was advised by the Mayo clinic to not treat my Hashimotos because my TSH is normal. So I am a bit of a mystery. Right now I am focused on boosting my immune system nutritionally and without medications that are harsh on my body. I also have an unexplained thymus tumor/mass that they advised me to leave in my body, so I am at a strange place....
Jan 26 2009 by Joanette B.



Good Morning.  I am sorry not to get back to you sooner, I was out of town helping prepare for the birth of my nephew who was born last Friday.  He is doing great.  It was a real joy to be able to spend quality time with my sister and her family.

What are your main symptoms? I have an basic understanding of Hashimotos thyroiditis. What treatments are you doing both traditional and complimentary right now? What has not worked.

I am going to write out Fred's regimen for you to see what it looks like:

Jan 20 2009 by jeni
WOW, thank you for your encouragement and concern. That is very sweet of you. I am a professional photographer, and have been disabled for over two years now, sick for a total of nine years. I am willing to try just about anything to regain my strength. I am very interested in your thoughts on boosting my immune system, I have Hashimotos thyroiditis and nodules but cleared of thyroid cancer, so I am particularly interested on your husband being cancer free. Thanks for your warm words! - Jeni
Jan 19 2009 by Joanette B.


I am so glad that you have found something that works for you.  Fred my hubby, had immune cancer and we had to work very hard at finding probiotics that worked for him during and after treatments.  He is a tough case and now is regular -- soft like a banana at least once a per day.  Which is huge.  Not all probiotics are equal -- and much of the time it is operator error (:  We need to make sure most of the good bugs get to where they are suppose to go (small and large intestine) stomach acids start breaking them down if eaten to soon.  

Dollar per Dollar we choose one capsule per day (2 billion/+FOS) for Fred of Probiotics and it really has worked for him.  I have used others that you need to take 4 to 5 capsules per day.  Not very cost efficient either.

Thanks for the comment.


Jan 15 2009 by yusuf

hi joanette

do you really believe that probiotics are all that they are made to be because i eat once or twice a week greek yoghurt to aid clearing my system and calming my insides this is more home remedy than any confirmed source.

recently the amount of adverts on probiotics has doubled. virtually all yoghurt manufactuerers have jumped onto the band wagon and produced these bottles of wonder cure for bloated tummy, heart disease, good skin tone, well being etc.

where were all these benefits five years ago have they just discoverd the benfits of yoghurt recently!!.