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I am a biochemist and wife of an [immune] cancer survivor who is passionate about helping other families bolster their immune systems by lifestyle, supplements and nutrition.  
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does strenuous exercise like long-distance running impact the immune system, or other physiological effects.

Jan 26 2009 by jeni
My main symptoms are severe fatigue and soreness that keeps me from working full time. I have a gang of other symptoms that vary from swollen eyes (huge) to unexplained vertigo that is not mild at all. I was advised by the Mayo clinic to not treat my Hashimotos because my TSH is normal. So I am a bit of a mystery. Right now I am focused on boosting my immune system nutritionally and without medications that are harsh on my body. I also have an unexplained thymus tumor/mass that they advised me to leave in my body, so I am at a strange place....
Jan 26 2009 by Joanette B.



Good Morning.  I am sorry not to get back to you sooner, I was out of town helping prepare for the birth of my nephew who was born last Friday.  He is doing great.  It was a real joy to be able to spend quality time with my sister and her family.

What are your main symptoms? I have an basic understanding of Hashimotos thyroiditis. What treatments are you doing both traditional and complimentary right now? What has not worked.

I am going to write out Fred's regimen for you to see what it looks like: