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I am a personal trainer and fitness expert working in NYC.  I have 17 years experience working with athletes, teens, weight loss mom's/dad's, celeb's and weekend warriors. 
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Untimely Circumcision and Marathon Running

Why do Kenyans dominate the sport of distance running? Take for example, Kenyan Wilson Kipsang -in the 2013 Berlin Marathon he ran the fastest...

Don't Count Your Calories

Have you been lead to believe the following statements are true? If you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight. If...

(Staw Man) Arguments Against The Paleo Diet

The " Paleo Diet " sometimes called the "Cave-man Diet" or "Warrior Diet" has become very popular in the last few years.  As you know, popular...

Beat Food Cravings with Creativity

If you are human, you experience all sorts of cravings and give in to them more than you'd care to admit. Some cravings are signals from your...

Re-Think Supplementing with Vitamin D

Vitamin D, the new 'It Girl' of the supplement industry, has been widely reported to to do all sorts of miraculous things despite the lack of...

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