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Jo H.

Abilene, Texas
I'm 43,  I have raised 4 great adults, I now have chronic pain and its undiagnosed as of this day, I have an appointment to get some test results this Thurs.Feb.26th and hope something will be revealed that wasn't a year ago when this all started. I was always very energetic and active and enjoyed my life,now I am pretty depressed and feel so bad most of the time. I have gained too much weight and can't seem to get a grip on it by diet alone. Pain makes exercise almost impossible but I do... Full Bio
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Feb 26 2009 by worthless
Hey Jo, How is today going, good,better I hope, my real name is Johanna, people call me jo for short, I also have cronic pain (not spelled right is it) Anyway I'm going through, depression 2long, Arthritis/w/ autoimmune deficiency, fibromyalga, stills disease, and restless limbs, I feel like i'm getting sick all the time, feel like c***, tired, hurt all over, You look like a very nice person, actually you kinda remind me of a beautiful friend we lost to lupis, My ears are always open and ready to listen, provide a shoulder, if you should want to chat. I've been told i'm a great listener, people usually find it easy to talk to me for some reason, I can give the love and support just not to myself. Up to you hun, please take care of yourself, your new friend worthless:) Thank you for excepting me as your friend:)
Feb 23 2009 by mdyouts
Do you know yet how you're going to approach this? I do wish you the best. Darlene