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I had always been a person that liked to be independent, I am a christian,  I had been pretty healthy til I started having back pain from herniated discs.  a generic type of Darvasette and many prescriptions of ZPAK and would up with irregular heart beats and then out of the blue I had a heart murmur, and had to have my aotic valve replaced and the root, along with 2 aneurysms, and 1 by pass.  I had an infection not long ago and recieved a couple of injections of antibiotics and... Full Bio
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I was sick and was given a shot of roceftin, and a prescription of leavequin, and a shot of decadron nad now that i have finished my medicines I...

What is a sebacious cyst?

I have a place on my shoulder and it is a knot but has a place that looks like an opening in it but it is evidently dry and wont drain?  Is that a...

My knees are hurting so bad. Only started about 3 week ago.ons?. any suggestions?

Knees are so weak and hut when I walk and ankles and legs swell.  I also have had heart surgery and have herniated discs in back  and neck.  
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