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groovychik007 wrote on Jimmyt7720's Whiteboard. Nov 19 2009
Jimmyt7720's Whiteboard
Nov 19 2009 by groovychik007
i went into hospital for an ear infection operation and then i just collapsed and couldnt walk. i was sent home and after a week i got weaker and i got sent back in to the hospital where i stayed for a month. i was given plasma exhanges and a stint in Itneisve care. The Ocd started after i got home coz i didnt wanna go back into hospital again (no infections etc) i am a bit better nowdays but till have it
Jan 26 2009 by Jimmyt7720
oh it was trauma related... Do you mind if i ask what you went to hospital for..?
Jan 26 2009 by groovychik007

well i started to get it when i came out of hopsital it wasnt anything to do with drugs or anything like that that the hospital gave me

it was that i had a traumatic time and it sort of set everything off.



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