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Stamford, Connecticut
Jimmy Smith is a highly pursued performance and fitness coach for clients and athletes who seek to achieve their performance and physique goals. Jimmy provides his clients with cutting edge training information and techniques that deliver results at an outstanding rate. While currently pursuing... Full Bio
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Feb 01 2010 by schwanan
Hello – Performance Dance is Fairfield’s Premier Studio Rental Facility.  We are actively marketing our studios to new clients, either in sports, arts, business, and family events.    Please think of us if you hear of anyone looking for studio rentals at very affordable rates.   

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Jun 21 2009 by Doyle

While enjoying the taste of green tea and drinking about four cups a day, I had a surprising result. I have taken statin drugs for chronic familial high cholesterol. Came off the medication due to elevated liver enzymes. Began drinking green Tea with citrus for taste only. Just received result of my physical and had an unexplained drop in cholesterol. Without medications there was a drop of 100 points. My MD believes it’s the Green Tea and will continue with monthly checks. This is not to say come off meds and drink green tea. This is just the unexpected result in “MY” journey back to health.