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Jim Wilson

President and founder of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation. I contracted Lyme disease in 1991 and my daughter in 2001. This is a rare disease in Canada the doctors told me yet here were two people in one family, a decade apart and 5000 kilometers apart who magically contracted this rare... Full Bio
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Lyme research lacking

Billions of dollars are spent on health care and research in Canada with amazingly little public oversight, much to the delight of business...

Lyme disease... Under Our Skin

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation at is happy to announce that the film Under Our Skin was selected to be featured by the...

Erythema Migrans

The bull's-eye rash (erythema migrans) of lyme disease occurs or is recalled in only 30% + cases so no evidence or recall of a rash does...

Why is Chronic Lyme Disease chronic?

Several factors may account for persistent symptoms. These include low grade persistent infection which either causes damage directly or indirectly...

The treatmen of early Lyme Disease

The treatment of early Lyme Disease has been examined in numerous well-documented studies. Largely because the diagnosis is easy to confirm when...

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