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New IC Treatments Use Liposomes To Deliver BotoxA Into The Bladder

By Jill Heidi Osborne MA Very interesting Botox study crossed my desk today. As you probably know, BotoxA has been used for the treatment...

Acidiphilus and IC – Should we take it?

Taking a natural approach to the treatment of any condition, including interstitial cystitis, makes certain sense. And if...

Gift Ideas for IC Patients – 2014 Holiday Season

What couldn’t be a more perfect gift than products that can provide comfort during IC flares. We’ve assembled some of our...

Is Interstitial Cystitis Caused by Anger? No!

Allright, I’m angry right now. Yes, ANGRY. Thoroughly and completely pissed. Why? Because, in 2014, an IC patient in the South of the USA was...

Creating an IC Friendly Thanksgiving

If this is your first holiday season with a diagnosis of IC, we’ve assembled some resources that we hope will help you enjoy the season,...

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