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Jill Knapp Patient Expert

Boise, Idaho
Jill Knapp is a wife and a mother of 3 children. Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes Jill has lost 100 pounds. It has led her to a new foundation to help others get healthy and fit.  Jill's inspiring weight loss story has been featured on the Dr. OZ show, First For Women... Full Bio
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Apr 21 2011 by Wanda H.

Thank you Jill.  Thank you for thinking of me and remembering my daughter.

Blessing to you

Jan 20 2011 by DorothyL L.
You are what you eat....A fact that I live by personally. I am all about veggies and fruits as being a huge part of my daily food intake. Good luck with your new goals~
Feb 19 2010 by Scott W.
Great story read it from the email that was sent out.  keep up the great work
Jan 28 2010 by carccrazy41dude
I weigh 215 pds.never have been this big.I have type 2 diabetes and hesrt disease since 38 yrs old and now I have to loose nad shape up.please help....
Oct 16 2009 by Libby

Jill I just put a vote in for you!



Oct 14 2009 by ken
I just voted your site in!! good luck!
Sep 08 2009 by cherie t.

Jill ! I recently have had a surge of spa/salon's connect with me ....we do have a seven product skin care line within teh 45 products of wellness....but I guess I am a bit "surprised" at the inquisitions?  It seems seaweed and aloe are key to them?  If you have any insight on this would love to learn more from an expert on skin care!


May 16 2009 by Kayleen

I have found your web site so informitive!

You are a beautiful lady and have done so much for the name of diabetes. I look up to you and admire you and am so happy I have what feel likes made you a friend.


I loved your interview with the Glam gals and am going to post about it myself!!


Best of luck to you and congratulations on your 100 pound weight loss!!

Feb 09 2009 by thematrix777

Thanks for the kind words Jill. You should have your stepmother pop over to my website. Maybe something there might give her some inspiration or help.

There are so many articles on medicines, alternative treatments and things. Also, I would love to chat with her.

My blogs are really my lifeline. It's the reason I get out of bed every day. Lately it's been getting harder and harder.

My hands are getting worse and I thought about closing some of then down but I just couldn't do it.

No, I don't have millions of readers. But if my blog helps 1 person, then I have served my purpose.

Anyway, thanks again and I hope you and your family are all doing well. 


Health Maven

Jan 29 2009 by cdrainy
Good luck to you!